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2/7/18 Site updates – email us

We added a new section to go over new features, technical support and window replacement part information on our website. Today we added more features to the website, as you might have noticed we added an https security certificate, added a blog section for tips and information on specific window replacement parts, fixed up the mobile site and added a new email address [email protected].

We hope to be adding other options for contacting us quickly in the future such as a live chat function to speak to a window part specialist. We understand the frustration of trying to figure out what window part you have with thousands and thousands of makes, models and years for each part it can make searching the internet for window replacement hardware difficult to do. We established this site to cut out the search and assist you in purchasing the correct part the first time around.

Our window part replacement team has many years of experience in identifying your hardware and have identified and assisted in shipping out hundreds and hundreds of parts in a very short amount of time. We would like to thank you for visiting our site, add us on twitter for news and updates and contact us via our new part email address (please send pictures of your parts with your email!) as a new method of contacting us.

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