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Window Hardware Parts for a Textilene Window

Having a means to identify your Textilene Window parts online should be simple.

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We Identify Parts for Textilene Windows

As a proud homeowner with Textilene windows installed at your property, it is natural to ask where you can obtain suitable replacement parts for your windows. While many local hardware stores may stock some materials, it can be challenging to find an exact match for your window system’s specific components. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Textilene is a type of synthetic mesh fabric that is used as a window screen material and also for other applications such as patio furniture and outdoor cushions. It is made from PVC coated vinyl yarn and is available in a range of colors, patterns, and weaves. Textilene is highly durable, non-stretchy, and UV resistant, making it a popular choice for outdoor use. Textilene window screens provide excellent visibility while preventing insects from entering homes or buildings. They are also relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Identifying Textilene Windows

Identifying Textilene windows can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the brand or model of the windows. Typically, Textilene windows have a unique sticker on the window frame with Textilene’s logo or name. The company may also imprint their name on the hardware components such as handles, locks, and hinges. These markings will help you to identify and locate the appropriate replacement parts.

However, if you cannot find these markings, you can identify Textilene windows by the following features:

* Textilene windows are typically constructed with aluminum frames
* The screens are made from PVC-coated polyester fibers
* Textilene windows feature bi-fold, sliding or hinged openings
* The hardware components are usually made with high-quality stainless steel or aluminum

If all else fails, reach out to our company for assistance in identifying your Textilene windows.

Common Textilene Window Parts

Textilene windows comprise several components that work together. The most common Textilene window parts include:

  • Window Handles – Window handles allow you to open and lock your windows conveniently. The aluminum handles are durable and can last for many years, but if you need a replacement, our company can source and ship the correct replacement part directly to you. We also offer advice on how to install the handles on your Textilene windows.
  • Window Locks – Window locks protect your home by preventing burglars from opening your windows from outside. If your window lock breaks, it is essential to replace it as soon as possible. Our company can help you find the right replacement lock for your Textilene windows.
  • Window Hinges – Window hinges attach your Textilene windows to the wall, allowing them to pivot or swing open and closed. Over time, hinges may rust, bend, or break, making them harder to open or close. Replacing window hinges is a simple process with the correct tools, such as a screwdriver. Our company stocks a wide range of high-quality window hinges for Textilene windows.
  • Window Weatherstripping – Window weatherstripping is essential for preventing water, wind, and debris from entering your home through the window frame. Over time, weatherstripping may wear out or become brittle, leading to drafts and higher energy bills. Our company can help you select the correct weatherstripping material for your Textilene windows.

Textilene Window Maintenance and Repair

Maintaining your Textilene windows can help to prolong their lifespan and keep them functioning correctly. Here are some tips on how to maintain and repair your Textilene windows:

  • Cleaning – Dirt, grime, and dust that accumulate on Textilene windows can affect their appearance and functionality. To clean them, use water, soap, and a soft bristle brush. Avoid using harsh detergents, high-pressure washers, and abrasives as they may damage your windows.
  • Lubrication – Window hinges and locks may need periodic lubrication to keep them working smoothly. Use silicone lubricant to prevent rust and keep the parts moving freely.
  • Replacing Damaged Parts – If your Textilene windows have damaged or worn-out parts, it is essential to replace them promptly. Damaged parts can affect your windows’ safety and security and cause a draft. Our company can source and ship the necessary parts to you for replacement.

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