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Having window handle problems? Your handle might not be the issue if your window is not opening when trying to crank the opening mechanism or operator. Sometimes a window operating mechanism in your window can become stripped out or get damaged from years of usage. If you take a quick look at your operator (the device that your handle attaches to) you may be able to determine if in fact your window operator is causing it to malfunction and possibly not the handle itself.

Take a quick look at your operator.

Has the spindle pulled out with the handle? This most likely means you need a brand new operating mechanism. You can also inspect the rest of the operator for damage & rusting or if the arms of the operator have become detached from the base. If you do not see any of the above issues your handle may have stripped out, you can pop the handle off (either by the set-screw or from a pressure fit version) check the inside and see if the gears are stripped out from the inside.

Sometimes over years of use the internal gears of the operating mechanism can strip out (Note: with some operators you cannot view this as a cover can be blocking or obscuring your view) requiring you to figure out which manufacturer or company has produced the item. Normally, your window company that originally installed your windows will not be affiliated with the third-party hardware systems that are installed into your window.

Many Window Handles Available

Assorted colors are available and range by the hardware manufacture, more common colors are usually white, bronze, clay or beige. New handles and covers come in a wide range of styles, colors and shapes. A wide variety of window operating mechanisms can be obsolete or custom manufactured by the vendor, depending on your unique situation we may be able to ship the window handle replacement part to you quickly via USPS.

We stock hundreds of different operators, crank handles and covers for a large variety of window manufacturers and will help you when you send us over some good photos of your current hardware. We offer a couple of ways to do so, such as via e-mail or submission form on our website here. We have identified and shipped thousands of replacement parts in the last year and our team can easily determine if your item is still available or obsolete.

We can figure out what you need! Our team has been identifying window replacement parts for many years successfully allowing homeowners, businesses, property management companies and realtors figure out what parts they need. If you are closing on a house or maybe you need a few operators for your home, we can help you out. If you need help in either identifying which operator that you need or figuring out the exact handle for your manufacturer we can assist you. Simply send us over some pictures and someone on our team will see if we have it in stock or if it is available for purchase.