If you own or manage a building with Cornerstone windows, you will likely need to replace parts over time. Replacement parts can be hard to find, but that is where we come in. We offer window part identification and shipping services nationwide. In this article, we will discuss the history of Cornerstone Windows, the types of parts that are commonly needed, how to identify the parts you need, and how to order them.

Cornerstone Window Parts

History of Cornerstone Windows

Cornerstone Windows was founded in 1994 and was initially based in Pennsylvania. The company specialized in high-quality windows that were designed with the environment in mind. Cornerstone Windows was known for its use of locally sourced materials and energy-efficient designs. The company was acquired by a larger window manufacturer in 2014, but many buildings still have Cornerstone Windows installed.

Types of Parts Needed

The most commonly replaced parts for Cornerstone Windows are sash locks, tilt latches, and window balances. Sash locks keep the window securely closed while tilt latches allow the window to be tilted inwards for easy cleaning. A window balance is a system of springs or weights that helps to keep the window in place when it is opened. In some cases, entire window sashes may also need to be replaced.

Identifying Parts

Identifying the necessary parts for your Cornerstone Windows can be a challenge. If possible, check your original window documentation for part numbers. If this is not possible, take measurements of the parts that need to be replaced. You can also take photos of the parts and send them to our team at Cornerstone. We have experienced technicians who can help identify the necessary parts and can recommend compatible options if a direct replacement is not available.

Ordering Parts

Once you have identified the necessary parts, you can order them through our website or by speaking with one of our representatives. We offer nationwide shipping and can provide fast delivery options if needed. Our team will work with you to ensure that you receive the correct parts for your specific Cornerstone Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide installation instructions for the parts I order? Yes, we can provide installation instructions for most of the parts we sell. If you need assistance with installation, we also offer installation services for an additional fee.

How long will it take to receive my order? We offer nationwide shipping and can provide fast delivery options if needed. Orders typically ship within 24-48 hours of being placed.

Are your replacement parts compatible with all Cornerstone Windows models? Our replacement parts are compatible with most Cornerstone Windows models. If a direct replacement is not available, we can recommend compatible options.

Do you offer bulk orders for commercial buildings? Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for commercial buildings and can provide special pricing for larger orders.

Is Cornerstone still in business? Cornerstone Windows was acquired by a larger window manufacturer in 2014 and is no longer in business.

What types of payment do you accept? We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

How do I know if I need to replace my entire window sash? If your window sash is damaged beyond repair, such as cracking or rotting, it may need to be replaced entirely. Our team can help assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

Can you provide custom parts for unique windows? Yes, we can provide custom parts for unique windows. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer warranty on your parts? Yes, we offer a limited warranty on our parts. Please see our warranty policy for more information.

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful in identifying and ordering replacement parts for Cornerstone Windows. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality service and assistance in finding the necessary parts for your specific needs. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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